Protection and Design – The perfect combination in sun protection!

Discover the latest innovations in sun protection at the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart! We invite you to follow our exciting blog post, where we will share our observations and reports from this extraordinary event. Join Pacord and discover the global sun protection industry with us!

Do you want to have both comfortable sun protection and original design in your interior? That’s why at PACORD we make sure that our sun visors fulfill both functions! Our textile components, such as strings, ribbons, ladders and chains, are an essential element in creating a stylish and functional shade.

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Thanks to our unique solutions, your sun shades will gain a unique character that will emphasize the individuality of your interior. We take care of the smallest details, designing products with the various needs of our customers in mind.

Join our passion for detail and perfection! Discover our textile components and see how we harmoniously combine protection with design. You will certainly find something that will perfectly fit your requirements and vision of the interior.