Advancement in quality and innovation

At Pacord, our commitment to excellence and continuous technological development allow us to offer components that meet the highest requirements of our customers. We are proud of our journey, but we always strive to create even better solutions to provide the highest quality components for internal sun protection systems that will provide our customers with the highest quality and exceptional aesthetics.

Why us?

Choose our excellent quality textile components

We are a leading expert in the production of high-quality textile components for interior sun protection systems, including cords, lift tapes, ladder strings and ball chains. Our company has many years of experience in this industry, which allows us to provide products of the highest quality standard that meet the expectations of our customers around the world. Discover our diverse offer that allows you to create sun protection perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.


Cord for interior blinds.

Ladder strings

Ladders for internal horizontal blinds.

Lift tapes

Lift tapes for internal horizontal blinds

Ball chains

Ball chains for interior blinds.

Color Palettes

Here is an example of the  RAL color palette. Please do not rely on online samples when choosing RAL color products.
The best way is to use a natural template. If in doubt, please contact us in advance.

Kolor RAL
Control ribbon 5mm wide
9003, 9005, 8011, 8004, 8001, 7045, 3016, 3012, 1001
Chain for roller blinds and blinds
9003, 9005, 9006, 8014, 8003, 1011, 1001

*The colors on the sample may not exactly match the real ones.